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Welcome to Team Kid, where Kids in Discipleship is not just a program, it’s a thrilling journey!
Picture this: Bible memory games that feel like an epic treasure hunt,
and applying Bible truths is as exciting as unearthing a long-lost secret map!

Our missions videos aren’t just videos, they’re your passport to adventure, and our activities
 aren’t just fun, they’re a rollercoaster of joy! All this while your kids blossom to be more like Jesus.

From the tiny tots in preschool to the cool kids in 6th grade, there’s a seat for everyone on this ride.
So, buckle up! Every Wednesday during the school year, from 6:00 – 8:00pm,
we’re hitting the fun throttle. Hop on, we can’t wait to journey with you!

Trail Blazers: preschool
Path Finders: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Cross Road Girls: 3rd – 6th Grade
Cross Road Guys: 3rd – 6th Grade

(Once in 6th grade you child has the option to move into our CREW youth program)

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