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Sermon Notes: It Requires a Lot of Grace

Jesus on assignment:
By design.
Unity by __________.
Grace gifts to the church.
Apostles = one who is _______
Prophets = one who __________
Evangelist = one who ________
Pastor = one who ____________

Saints on Assignment:
The _________ are to all do the work of the ministry.
Our _________ includes building up the body (church).
The _________ around the central theme of Jesus.
We have this _______ until all believers have reached maturity–to look like Chirst.

Healthy & stable is the goal:
Being ______ in what we have been taught.
Having a _________ spirit.
Being characterized as ______ _____________.
__________ & __________ together as a healthy body.

God extended grace with his gifts for serving Him and one another; we need to extend grace for
one another as each of us is different.

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